(4) Short Term TAXI Relief Drivers  want to drive TAXI for short Term

短期德士司机 要驾Taxi短期 

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25074R name: Ong
address: Bukit Batok
contact: 82691100
Company: Comfort / Citycab
Details: I\'m a relief driver able to help as temporarily (day only) or super relief.. text or whatsapp me if you are interested. Thank you..
25052R name: Vincent Tan
address: CCk/Teck Whye/Bukit Panjang
contact: 97692299
Company: Comfort/Citycab
Details: I have been a weekend relief for Comfort for more than 2 years.  Looking to drive short term from 17th to 21st Aug as I will be clearing my leaves.  Day or evening time is fine.
Please text or whatsapp to get in touch, thank you.
25046R name: Bro
address: Bukit Batok West Ave 4
contact: 82691100
Company: Comfort / Any
Details: Looking to work as temporarily (day shift) / Super relief shift relief.
Pls sms or whatsapp to 82691100 and I will call you back. Thanks
24971R name: jason Ng
address: toa Payoh
contact: 86067991
Company: Comfort/ Citycab-Sonata, i40.
Details: Super Relief, Day Shift, Non-smoker
24912R Mr. Lim L H (Alvin)
Contact: 91158994
Company: Comfort
1) I am Super relief Driver
2) Non-smoker, car and bike lover
3) Accept any areas but prefer West and North zone area, staying at CCK, best is at CCK.
4) Will pay up to 80% of your rental rate
5) Will top up and clean before I return your taxi.
24886R name: Ah Yew
address: Any
contact: 85887588
Company: cdg, smrt, transcab
Details: Comfort transcab smrt super relief available on the following dates:
June 29 to 4th july  9th and 10th july  20th 21st july   3rd 4th 5th august  12th august onwards
Any 1 interested please sms 84551551 first come first served basis
24868R name: Ah Yew
address: Any
contact: 85887588
Company: Comfort, SMRT
Details: Super relief for full day.
24800R name: Mr Chai
address: Woodlands
contact: 91898518
Company: Comfort
Details: I'm Working shift work in seagate woodlands, best if u are a seagator, or u know how the shift runs. my timing is work 3 days off 2 days type.. Looking someone who could coordinate with me..
24760R name: Kevin Lim
address: All Area
contact: 90080166
Company: SMRT
Details: Pool of Smrt registered super relief driver available  Only fullday
24623R name: Jeffrey wong
address: Island wide
contact: 98157166
Company: citycab,comfort &trandcad.
24570R name: Kevin Lim
address: Tampons / Pasir Ris / Simei / Bedok / Changi / Sengkang
contact: 90080166
Company: SMRT
Details: FULL DAY Super Relief Driver
24509R Name: Esoof
Location : Any location
Contact: 93876307
Company: Comfort, Citycab & Transcab
Details: 30 years driving experience. Careful & honest driver will take care of your vehicle while you take a break. Whole day.
One cabby, One people, One nation, One Singapore........................................
  Dear Sir (All the above person) ,

Thank you very much for the payment for 1 year service fee. 

(1) Taxi hirer looking for Taxi relief drivers.租车德士司机找替班司机 (长期) 
(2) Taxi relief drivers want to drive TAXI.. . < 替班Taxi司机要驾 TAXI (长期) 
(3) Taxi hirer looking for Short Term taxi relief driver 租车Taxi司机 找短期Taxi替班司机 (短期) 
(4) Short Term Taxi relief drivers want to drive TAXI . 短期替班司机要驾Taxi短期 (短期)

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name: Mr Chow
contact: 96228164
I have many years of driving taxi experience. Pls call me now.
name: Patrick
address: Any Area
contact: xx

Company : Comfort or Citycab
Details: I want to drive from....     to...   ( for a short period)

name: Patrick

Company : Comfort or Citycab
Details: I want to drive Day Shift from Today  to...   ( for a short period) Please call to discuss

name: Patrick
address: Any Area

Company : Trans-cab
Details: I want to drive from Today  to...   ( for a short period) Please call to discuss

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