(4) Short Term TAXI Relief Drivers  want to drive TAXI for short Term

短期德士司机 要驾Taxi短期 

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name: Teo
contact: 90079151
Company: Transcab Only
Details: I'm available to drive any number of days super relief this 2 weeks till 4th March 2015
Im registered with Transcab   Call me: 90079151 anytime
One cabby, One people, One nation, One Singapore........................................
  Dear Sir (All the above person) ,

Thank you very much for the payment for 1 year service fee. 

(1) Taxi hirer looking for Taxi relief drivers.租车德士司机找替班司机 (长期) 
(2) Taxi relief drivers want to drive TAXI.. . < 替班Taxi司机要驾 TAXI (长期) 
(3) Taxi hirer looking for Short Term taxi relief driver 租车Taxi司机 找短期Taxi替班司机 (短期) 
(4) Short Term Taxi relief drivers want to drive TAXI . 短期替班司机要驾Taxi短期 (短期)

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name: Mr Chow
contact: 96228164
I have many years of driving taxi experience. Pls call me now.
name: Liew
address: Islandwide
contact: 90299011
Details: receive booking from 26/01/2015 to 15/02/2015, call me if u need super relief
name: Gavin Ow
address: west area
contact: 98399191
Company: comfort and citycab
Details: OMO Super Relief to drive for you when you need go holiday or take a break.Rates : Sonata : $70 ~ $75 , i40 : $85. Sorry not driving Toyota Crown. For booking can leave message via sms or whatsapp. Feb 18 to 28 Feb is full. (Pls note min 1 week in adv)
name: LIM
contact: 93926975
Company: SMRT
Details: If you want to take a short break on week day, please call or text me.
name: goh
address: city
contact: 98393983
Company: transcab
Details: temporary drive 4days 0n 12/1--15/1 daytime 6am-5pm
name: Ng H G
address: South
contact: 96912885
Company: Premier
Details: Super Relief
name: Aris Amin
address: Choa Chu kang, Teck Whye
contact: 91087363
Company: comfort, citycab (auto transmission)
Details: Dear OMO hirers, I am a responsible, discipline and a non smoker Whole Day Super Relief driver. I will take good care of your cab while you are away for vacation. My rate is $75~ $80 per day. Please call me to discuss on the available dates. Thank You and Good Luck.
name: Kenneth
address: Any
contact: 91995660
Company: Comfort and Citycab
Details: OMO Super relief available to cover you on the following dates : 7/1 to 10/1, 18/1 to 13/2, 26/2 to 27/3. Rates : Sonata $70 ~ $75. i40 - $85 . No Mercs or Maxi. Thank you.
name: Mr. Teo
address: Any
contact: 93897911
Company: comfort/citicab
Details: I m a supper relief driver.   Willing to let me drive while you take a break,  Ring or text me.Thank You.
name: Mr.Steven
address: Any Area
contact: 90894969
Company: CityCab/Comfort-Merc/Sonata/i 40
Details: Super relief looking for hirer.Can drive few days to 1 month.rental nego.tks
name: Andy
address: jurong west / any if trpt provided
contact: 92300099
Company: transcab / comfort
Details: Sick? Going on holiday? Don't feel like driving for awhile? Have something on? Why waste your rental? Call me (if no answer please sms) Super Relief Available from 6th Jan onwards till 18th Jan and 5th feb onwards.
my current super relief ends on 5th Jan so I can super relief any number of days from 6th Jan till 18th Jan. Then free again from 6th Feb onwards.
I am located in jurong west but if u can pick me up I will pick u/ drop u off at ur home/airport (we both save)
I can drive both comfort n transcab. my rates are according to market at 70% of your rental if pre arranged (in advance) if adhoc or last min arrangements then have to discuss. Thank you cabby.sg
looking taxi comfort or city city cab to driver from 2.jan 3,4.2015 nightshift punggol area pls call my hp 93651307
name: Mr Christopher Yeo
address: Ghim Moh Road
contact: 92275777
Company: Comfort or Citycab
Details: I want to be super relief driver for a few days to a few weeks for hirers who go for holidays or personal work. Prefer to have full day relief driving. Please call, sms or email to discuss on the arrangement of collecting and returning taxi and rental rate.
name: Thani
address: Punggol and Any Other Area
contact: 94251424
Company: Comfort and CityCab, Premier
Details: SUPER RELIEF - Hirers call me to plan your emergencies / holidays. First come First serve basis. Upto June 2015. My bookings are opened from January 2015. Only automatic vehicles only.
name: Reigny Peh
address: Any
contact: 97539308
Company: Comfort or Citycab MAXI, LIMO or SONATA
Details: Hi can do super relief for maxi if you need to take a break. will take good care of your car. you can contact 97539308 for further discussion. Thank you!
name: Tan
address: Punggol
contact: 97632759
Company: Comfort
Details: Looking for super relief driver between 29, 30. 31 dec 14, 2,3 jan 15?  Please call me at 97632759 to discuss.  Loan shark, please do not SMS or call me.
name: Ali
address: Woodlands/Marsiling
contact: 90699305
Company: Comfort
Details: Chinese New Year Super Relief fr 19 to 22 Feb 2015. Preferably in Woodlands, other areas may be considered.
name: Raymond Tia
address: BT Pangjang
contact: 98384368
Company: transcab/comfort
Details: To all hirer's. I'm available to drive from 1st January 2015.Pls sms your price,date,type of car and location to me.will call /sms you if Im available. Tks! Raymond
name: Abd Salim
address: Tampines
contact: 92479847
Company: Comfort
Details: Hi I'm available to be a super releif only on Christmas day 25/Dec/14. Pls sms me if u interested.Thank u.
name: Azhar Selamat
address: woodland/marsiling
contact: 81602506
Company: comfort
Details: Im available to drive from 20/12-24/12 as super relief with comfort with 6 yrs expreience...thxs
name: Ivan loy
address: Any area
contact: 98263492
Company: Comfort citycab, smart,
Details: Hi ,I'm sipper relief ,I available date:18/12/14-----26/12/14, 02/01/15----06/01/15, 08/01/15-----????????all are welcome,give me a call the u
name: Alan
address: Any Where
contact: 84231252
Company: SMRT
Details: Dear Hirer, I am a super relief. if you are going for holidays or taking off days between 23/12-31/12,I can help you drive full shift.Any time and anywhere.Pls SMS or call me to discuss , Thank you
name: Patrick
address: Any Area
contact: xx

Company : Comfort or Citycab
Details: I want to drive from....     to...   ( for a short period)





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